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Greetings, and welcome to my Homepage; I am Obsidian (aka Nigel, if you are considering the SCA. When I'm not editing a web document, or re-enacting the Middle Ages, I'm just ordinary ol' Bruce...). Originally a character in an RPG game best male sex toy, more recently an administrator on several MU**s, and the author of a number of Web documents, my journey toward the Real progresses...

Here are pointers to further pages of my own material. This section will be expanding in times to come, but for now the information is under construction, and minimal. You are most welcome, nevertheless, to look over my shoulder as I fill them out... .

Current Secondary Pages: 167

Pantheons (12 pages) This is the index to references on various mythological Pantheons that I have studied. At the moment, I only eleven available; Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Haudenosaunee, Lakota, Mayan, Mesopotamian, Roman, Slavic/Eurasian, Teutonic free sex app, and the People of the Book, but I intend to expand this section on a regular basis.

Obsidian's Links (5 pages) Here, after a long hiatus due to db space problems, are my links pages. I have annoted links to a wide variety of net locations, especially in the areas of history, religion, and science.

Obsidian Mouths off... (5 pages) In times to come, I would like to place essays and thoughts I have about whatever seems of interest or importance to me here. Why? Because I can, basically... I have no illusions about my being The Dating Department a particularly profound philosopher, and my literary style is labored and turgid at best, but as the Web is my best opportunity to get published, I'll avail myself of the chance. And if you, O Gentle Browser, don't care for what I have to say, why, the cost is minimal and the exit is ease itself.

Regnal Chronologies (120 pages) I have an interest in the sequence of reigns in historical chronology. Names, dates, heraldry; you know, the boring parts of history... 1066 and all that. Here is my initial electronic offering, detailing (at the moment) As much of the world, from earliest times to the present, as I have found sources for; pretty nearly every locality of any significance is covered now, but the dite is still growing.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (25 pages) Here are pages I have authored, maintain, or am responsible for in some fashion, involving my participation within the SCA re-enactment group.